Brand Products

12F MPO/PC(F)-MPO/PC(F)-SM-3.0-3M Type B

8F MPO/PC(F)-MPO/PC(F)-SM-3.0-3M Type B

12FMPOPC(F)-LCUPC-SM-3.0-3M Type B

8F MPOPC(F)-LCUPC-OM4-3.0-3M Type B



Hz-n10g-10g-f4 china network card

Hz-n10g-10g-f2 China network card

Hz-sfp-1g-t optical module








Lpe31004-m6 optical fiber card

HbA qle2692 optical network card

LSI MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i 1GB

Xl710-qda2 10 Gigabit Ethernet card

Xxv7-10-da2 25g optical fiber network card

X710-da4-fh optical network card



增强的网络特性如下: 1.内嵌可重构处理器,可编程,安全自主可控的特性;2.可编程特性:网络报文查找/网络报文过滤/网络报文封装等用户自定义编程;3.用户网络功能自定义;4.支持各种时间戳格式;5.灵活的数据流处...

可同时支持多种国际商密和国家商密算法: • 支持网卡安全启动(secure BOOT);• 支持OpenSSL,TLS,IPSec卸载加速;• 支持 Wake-on-LAN• 同时支持国际商密和国家商密算法;• 支持算法可编程• 高效的算法卸载...

基本网络特性如下,可为国产服务器提供1/10/25/40国产网络控制器方案。• 支持RSS,TSO,GRO,TCO,RCO;• 支持最大9.6KB巨型帧,PAUSE帧;从 64 到 9600 字节的 100%所有帧(包括巨形帧)捕获能力;• 支持IPV4/IPV...

Beijing Hengzheng Tongchuang Technology Co., Ltd

A provider of professional data communication products and information security products solutions, Beijing HengzhengTC Sci-Tech Co. Ltd. is the national high-tech enterprise featuring R&D, design, production, marketing and service. Based in Zhongguancun, Haidian District of Beijing, HengzhengTC has long-term and stable cooperation with many units such as Tsinghua University, Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and many experts and scholars. In particular, its industry-university-research collaboration has maintained rapid development in recent years. HengzhengTC has obtained ISO9001/14001/45001 certifications, and HengzhengTC products have also got ROHS, CE and FCC markings. HengzhengTC brand products include network interface controller, optical module, high-speed cable, ethernet switch, industrial control panel card, SSL supporting national encryption algorithms and IPSEC VPN, among others. HengzhengTC has developed 1G/10G/25G/40G/100 all series network interface controllers based on Intel chips (I350/82599/X710/E810), and network interface controllers based on domestically produced chips. Targeting the information technology application innovation industry and alternative market for China-made products, these products can be widely used in areas such as national network security. HengzhengTC optical module and high-speed cable are compatible with all mainstream brand equipment in the market: Ethernet optical module, fiber channel optical module, active optical cable (AOC), direct attach cable (DAC), AOC/DAC branch cable, jumper wire and pigtail, etc. Its products cover 1G/10G/25G/40G/50G/100G/200G/400G and 8G/16G/32G/64G/128G. With rapid development and fast application of cloud computing, big data and 5G, HengzhengTC represents the trend of our era, and has recently developed high-speed network interface controllers using high-end FPGA and DPU chip and technology. The following products for FC SAN storage resolutions and high-speed ethernet solutions, which HengzhengTC has been working on for decades, have been widely used in areas such as data center, telecommunications network, data transmission network, enterprise network, storage switching network and metropolitan area network to help operators, data centers and network service providers to increase and improve their network system capacity in a cost-effective way. BROCADE (including OEM) optical switch EMULEX and QLOGIC optical fiber cards; FINISAR optical module; BROADCOM RAID control card; INTEL network interface controller; MELLANOX switch, network interface controller, cable and transceiver; Most efficient Java virtual machines of Azul Zulu JDK and Zing.